Monday, November 13, 2017


Having an "attitude of gratitude" is an overused phrase these days for sure. Why it is so overused, though, is because it's right on target as being a wonderful way to live. By being grateful for what we currently have or see, etc, we open our energy up to receive more of that which we are grateful for.

Have you ever been angry about something or fed up with a specific situation and tried to divert your attention to what you're grateful for? If you haven't tried this, do so. It puts things into perspective a bit, and helps shift the issue you're dealing with so solutions can be more easily revealed.

Gratitude truly opens up the heart, so if you're a bit closed hearted, it helps open the doorway for understanding and growth. If your heart is already open, gratitude widens that openness with even more gratitude and all the fabulous emotions that come with it.

This week, taking an attitude of gratitude is going to be my focus. I usually find time at the end of my day to review things to be grateful for that day. This week I plan to schedule reminders to add conscious gratitude at various points throughout the day and see what effect it may have on me, those around me, and my overall interactions.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"I Am" Fun

The words we place after "I am" are quite significant and have an impact on our cellular structure.  Think about it - people who regularly say "I am tired, I am depressed, I am disgusted," usually radiate that out from their bodies. People who say "I am ambitious, I am joyful, I am successful, I am content," etc., they too usually resonate that out to the world. 

With that in mind, I thought creating an "I am" prayer might be interesting. In doing so, I found that it lead to other branches but the basis of "I am" was present. I've created more "I am" prayers and not surprisingly, they all seem to help with whatever assistance or guidance I may need that day.

"I am" prayers do not need to be written down. They can be said when walking or driving, or whenever you think of it. They can be a simple "I am calm. I am love, I am open to blessings from above" or whatever comes to mind for you in that moment.  Here's an example:

I love myself. I love myself. I love myself.
I am worthy of love.
I am worthy of success.
I am deserving of freedom as is everyone.
I understand the laws of attraction to bring into my reality that which I desire and that which aligns with the Divine Plan.
I am powerful.
I am abundant.
I am me, and I am magnificent.

We also may not feel the thing we are saying after the "I am".  We may say "I am sleepy" to help us fall asleep, or "I am calm" to helps us settle emotions. And we may need to say it a lot of times until we feel it. The more you say it, the more you resonate with it.

Play around with it and see how "I am" prayers can affect your moments. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Unprevailing Fear

Growing up in many of our families and societal systems there were and continue to be fear-driven models in the effort to coerce a standard.

As toddlers we are afraid to disappoint our parents or siblings so we can maintain their love and acceptance. In school we are taught to fear punishment for disobeying rules; we are groomed into self-consciousness for fear of not belonging. As we grow older, we fear losing our jobs, relationships, or social status.  

We can also inherit fears from our parents or someone close to us. The fears may not have originated with us but since someone we knew exhibited this fear, and we were exposed to it for a length of time, we had the chance to acquire that fear too.

Fear is instilled in each of us to some degree. It has become a factor in how we live our lives or unconsciously choose not to live them. Sometimes we aren't even aware of the impact these fears have on us.  

But we don't need to live in fear. We can acknowledge these aspects of ourselves and work to release them in whatever way is best for us. By checking in periodically with ourselves, we can notice when we're living the moment out of fear versus living the moment from our hearts. If you're well versed in the fear aspect, each baby step is fabulous.

Celebrate the moments where we understand the fear. For once we know and are aware we can allow time and design a plan to help mitigate and release the fears one by one.   

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ancient Wisdom

The Chinese kanji for crisis includes the two characters: danger and opportunity.

I find this to be a wise teaching in and of itself.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Emotional Flow

Lots of experiences leave us hurt, angry, unsupported, lost, sad, etc. All are emotions we're not super-excited to face in our day-to-day.  One thing I see lots of people unwilling to do is cry because they think it makes them seem weak in another person's eyes, or even their own.

There are times when the tears need to flow - these could be tears of sadness, hurt, frustration, grief, or even relief or joy - it doesn't matter.  We need to let them flow. Having a good cry can move us to a different space and in doing so actually can save us time and prolonged heartache. We need to stop judging how we feel and allow ourselves to express the sadness, hurt, etc. Why do we resist this so much?

Tears are a sign of strength that we can handle expressing the emotion rather than pushing it down only for it to erupt later on for no good cause. We all know pushing down emotions over extended periods of time is counterproductive.

If this resonates with you, please take the time to feel the seeming unpleasant emotions. While it may be uncomfortable initially, experiencing and expressing the emotion helps us move through the emotion into a better space where we can either find clarity and perspective to deal and heal, or let it go altogether.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

In a Moment

I woke up this morning and started off ok.
Wasn't quite sure what to do for the day. 
I was tired from work the week before
Was out late and wanted to sleep some more. 
'Twas not in the cards so I got up and ate
And pondered tasks that I could put on my plate. 
I realized the feeling of anxiety and fear
Puzzled at why it was showing up here. 
I was safe at home no expectations to fill
Yet I could not shake this feeling at will. 
I started to distract me with a little this and that 
No matter what I did this feeling with me sat. 
So I stopped what I was doing and decided to say
We've got to address this so I can get on with my day. 
Usually I hide it and smother it with stuff
Cause facing this is perceived as quite tough.  
So here I was sitting with this powerful emotion
Wishing there was a quick fix-it-all potion.
I sat and asked "Why are you here?"
The answer came back "What do you fear?"
I said, "A lot quite frankly and honestly so.
But you can't stay here - you have got to go!"
It said it would stay until it was faced
With conversation and love and until I found grace.  
So I took a deep breath and tried to stop my mind
From all the negative thoughts of the spiraling kind. 
I spoke with this fear for what seemed like a while
And realized how much there was on this pile. 
Self doubt self worth and self love came through
Others expectations and some of mine too. 
There was a mountain of being enough by my eyes
So I picked out some truths and thru out the lies. 
We shined a bright light on all that is me 
Who I am now and who I wish to be. 
The doing of things only gets us so far
It's what goes on inside of us - its the who we are. 
I acknowledged this fear and thanked it too
For it helped me see what I unconsciously do. 
We parted with new understanding and learned 
That we will meet again until all comes to terms. 
After it left I could still feel it linger
Like a bee bite once I've taken out the stinger.  
I hadnt noticed how deeply it bore,
Yet now I know there is so so much more
To these feelings that I seem to keep pushing away -
Until I work with them they are here to stay.  
They also offer a great opportunity
To feel freedom of emotions' hold on me. 
So glad that I took the time to hear
What was actually hiding beneath the fear.  
I look forward to our next meeting whenever it shows
And wont allow it to take me to unlikely lows. 
I suppose we will become seemingly good friends -
Friends who help each other lovingly transcend. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Shifting Frequency

Previously I have written about other people, pets, etc. that prove to be angelic helpers throughout our days. It is also necessary to acknowledge the many times we are the angelic helpers, not just for others but also for ourselves. We all know we can't be anything to anyone if we don't take care of us first.

After some time and exploration we start to learn what techniques or activities might work to bring our own selves into a better space. Here are some common activities or in-activites that I have employed in the past:
  • listening to music
  • exercise
  • creating art
  • journaling
  • talking with a friend
  • volunteering
  • taking a nap / sleeping
  • watching a movie
  • feeling the emotion(s)
  • meditating
  • cooking, etc.

Depending upon the day or particular funk that arrives, it may take a long while to muster up the motivation to actively work on shifting a state of being.  Quite honestly, the first thing or two or five that I try doesn't always work. When it does, I am certainly grateful and happy for taking the effort to try.  

If you haven't already used some of the above, you may wish to try them. I'd also be interested to know what other methods that have worked for you. Sometimes it can be a tough for us and sharing our coping mechanisms can help us learn and grow together. 

Thank you all for being you!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Connecting with Animals

Connection can occur with any animal regardless if we have ever seen the specific animal before in person. For instance, if we want to connect with a tigress, all we need to do is think of her and open up to what the tigress feels like. What presence does she exude? What characteristics of her stand out? What do you like or dislike about her?  How can you be more like the tigress, if you wanted?

Simply by requesting the presence of this animal can we begin to understand a new perception - a new way of being - and a new understanding is forged. We bring forth the tigress energy from within and allow it to surface. This practice can be done with any animal.

Connecting with animals is helpful, for example, if we are starting or in the midst of completing a project. Here we may call upon an animal (or more than one) that resonate tenacity, perseverance or creativity. When delivering a presentation or speech we can request animal energy that we perceive as bringing calm, good communication, and confidence.

There is no limit to the way in which we can connect with the animal kingdom. It is fascinating to explore our reactions and realizations as we work with the spirit animals. By connecting with different species we not only deepen our relationship with them but also strengthen our own relationship with ourselves.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Animal Totems

Many people believe in angels or passed loved ones watching over them and providing guidance in their life path. Some people also believe in animal totems, who offer similar direction along the way. Animal totems can be energetic resources similar to our angels yet in the form of an animal, or they can be actual physical beings in the 3D.

While it's possible for an animal totem to be a pet, our animal totems could also be a large fish, a sea or land mammal, an insect, a bird, etc. There is no limit to what the animal kingdom can provide in terms of knowledge and connection, and there is no such thing as a good or bad animal totem. Meditations and classes are available that assist individuals in determining their primary animal totem(s). Connections with animals who may not be our totems is possible too.

Having animal totems is helpful to assist us in our quest for self improvement, leads to greater understanding and compassion for self and others, and cultivates a deeper connection with Mother Earth. 

More on animal totems to come...

Friday, April 7, 2017

Have you ever said something and as soon as it left your mouth you wished you hadn't said it? 
Or have you had an experience where you said something unexpected and the room erupted in laughter?
Or perhaps you expressed compassion or love with words that brought a smile or heartwarming tear to another?
These are all examples of the power of the spoken word.
How will you choose your words today? 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

In the Flow

Effortless, open and free.
Mental focus and clarity
Intention held loosely
As dreams unfold.
Hope and joy abound
Ease, support well found
Harmonious beautiful sound
Creations evolve.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Life Purpose

Often we hear that people are consistently looking for their purpose in life. Some create a quest to embark upon and others sweep in and out of latest trends that just might open the door of purpose to step through.

We can surely complicate this thought and acceptance process where we overanalyze every opportunity that comes our way; or consider and reconsider what we are or are not doing in our lives and how it may or may not be in line with our designated purpose.

We have this wonderfully significant power within ourselves and we've orchestrated a variety of obstacles in our lives to challenge our individual selves in recognizing that great inner strength which is needed, or desired, to surpass the hurdles.

That wonderful inner power or light we hold, is the greatness of who we are. Our purpose is to bring that greatness and touch the earth with our unique inner strength, however that is best expressed for the benefit of ourselves and humanity.

So the next time we question whether we are on the right path or if we are living our life purpose, take a few moments and note all the ways we are already bringing our light, our unique greatness, our subtle, yet effective, inner power, to our world already. We can always ask for more opportunities to be brought into our lives where we share our magic from within.


Saturday, February 11, 2017


Living for the Week

I've spoken with a number of coworkers and clients this week where the intent of  "I'm living for the weekend" is very real.

For some, we're in a rut of work work work, that making time for anything except work is really tough to wrap our minds around. But what would your week feel like if you sprinkled it with weekend-like moments to enjoy?

At the start of 2017, I found myself in living-for-the-weekend mode. So I made it one of my goals to live more. To help keep me looking forward to the week, I:
  • attend two interactive evening classes
  • eat lunch one day during the week with someone other than my laptop
  • plan an exercise routine in the middle of one weekday
  • plan one open weeknight for myself
On this evening, I may cook a lavish meal, meditate, journal, have an extra long workout, take a bath, or call a relative or friend I haven't spoken with in a while. The options on this night are fairly endless.

By incorporating the above into my schedule, I have found my weeks pass by rather quickly and I enjoy the weekends that much more, even when the house chores are involved.

I'd love to hear what do you do to keep your weeks interspersed with weekend-like occurrences - so we can all integrate living during the week just as much as we do during the weekend. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Love Focus

February’s love is mighty and grand 
A love day celebrated throughout the land.
Reminding ones to accurately hear
All of which the heart holds dear.
Encouraged to express love true
Toward all sweet souls surrounding you. 
Forget not those you may not love
Wish them peace from up above. 
Tailor what your heart doth send
So it may nurture, heal, and mend. 
Only greatness can we bring
When sailing on love’s bright wings. 
When in doubt and when sure too
Ask thyself:

     ”What would Love do?”

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Chef Encounter

On Friday I ordered a vegetable omelet
the chef behind the counter
despite the early hour
changed the tone that had been set.

Sir Chef presented his gracious wit
initially caught me off guard
yet was a tad hard
to not quip back and banter a bit.

To the chef who went the extra mile
now I'm here to say
for shining your light that day
thanks for bringing the good-hearted smile.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


My work takes me on the road sometimes and as time passes, I find that I appreciate the comfort of home and most importantly the family (pets included) who resides there. I so enjoy their company, love, and support - at home and away. 

There are also wonderful people I meet on my journeys - candid meetings with a fellow traveler, or a heartful exchange with someone doing their job. I love when interactions cause the other person smile. It's sweet to see their guard fall a bit when they or their work are complimented.

Whether at home with family or when travelling with strangers, the ability to connect is always there. In connecting with others, we connect more fully with ourselves. We are all worthy of connection, heart warming smiles, and appreciation. And that connection helps us maintain the humanity of our interactions, being the best person we can be in each moment. 

How can you connect with someone today?

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Perfect Imperfections

As I work with clients, family, and friends, many of us are looking to improve our life situations. While there is honor in working to make our lives or aspects of our lives better, I see a pattern of us missing the great things we have ongoing. And it's when we focus on the stuff we love or enjoy that we then bring in the energy to extend the already existing greatness or goodness to the areas in our lives where it is needed.

Sometimes, though, we resist where we are because we think whatever needs to be improved upon shouldn't be there or we don't want to deal with it. We may have a preconceived notion of what we "should" be dealing with as opposed to dealing with what life has dealt us. I'll let you in on a little secret - those imperfections are what make us perfectly us!

What's cool is that all these things we see as negatives in our lives - addictions, difficult jobs, unreliable car, inattentive spouses, being overweight, not having enough money, etc - they are all perfectly placed so we can reflect upon them, learn from them, and change them if change is in our power.

Earlier this week, I made a personal statement to focus on the good things in my life this year. And I challenge you to do the same. As a society we are trained to see what's wrong and fix it and in doing so, sometimes we miss all the wonderful things we have going on too.

If you initially find it tough to think of good things, start by focusing on some of the assumed good - food in your pantry, roof over your head, running water, clothes in your closet, etc.) It's about retraining our brain to see the good, and wow, is there a lot of good to be acknowledged. As we continue to practice this focus on good and great, we start to see problems as opportunities to grow or to be creative rather than allowing them to bring our spirits down.

We have so much good to be grateful for - including our perceived imperfections. We can support each other in seeing them as such and become accepting of perfect imperfect beings we are.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Purpose of Intention

We hear a lot about resolutions this time of year, however, intention is different from resolutions. I have seen people make and I myself have made resolutions periodically throughout the year, in many cases, as goals to be achieved over the course of time. For me, the practice and purpose of intention goes further than that and occurs on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis. For example, what is my intention for the day, my next meeting, the next meal, or next workout, etc? We are building or have the opportunity to build intentions in every part of our lives given our mindset and time to do so.

What intention or intentions do you bring to the table? How can your intention alter an otherwise assumed outcome of an event or interaction with someone?

Intention work is powerful because it brings us into the moment and into the driver's seat. What we do with the experience is obviously up to us.

For more on my perspective of intention, check out my Purpose of Intention Workshop by visiting