Monday, March 27, 2017

Life Purpose

Often we hear that people are consistently looking for their purpose in life. Some create a quest to embark upon and others sweep in and out of latest trends that just might open the door of purpose to step through.

We can surely complicate this thought and acceptance process where we overanalyze every opportunity that comes our way; or consider and reconsider what we are or are not doing in our lives and how it may or may not be in line with our designated purpose.

We have this wonderfully significant power within ourselves and we've orchestrated a variety of obstacles in our lives to challenge our individual selves in recognizing that great inner strength which is needed, or desired, to surpass the hurdles.

That wonderful inner power or light we hold, is the greatness of who we are. Our purpose is to bring that greatness and touch the earth with our unique inner strength, however that is best expressed for the benefit of ourselves and humanity.

So the next time we question whether we are on the right path or if we are living our life purpose, take a few moments and note all the ways we are already bringing our light, our unique greatness, our subtle, yet effective, inner power, to our world already. We can always ask for more opportunities to be brought into our lives where we share our magic from within.