Monday, April 24, 2017

Connecting with Animals

Connection can occur with any animal regardless if we have ever seen the specific animal before in person. For instance, if we want to connect with a tigress, all we need to do is think of her and open up to what the tigress feels like. What presence does she exude? What characteristics of her stand out? What do you like or dislike about her?  How can you be more like the tigress, if you wanted?

Simply by requesting the presence of this animal can we begin to understand a new perception - a new way of being - and a new understanding is forged. We bring forth the tigress energy from within and allow it to surface. This practice can be done with any animal.

Connecting with animals is helpful, for example, if we are starting or in the midst of completing a project. Here we may call upon an animal (or more than one) that resonate tenacity, perseverance or creativity. When delivering a presentation or speech we can request animal energy that we perceive as bringing calm, good communication, and confidence.

There is no limit to the way in which we can connect with the animal kingdom. It is fascinating to explore our reactions and realizations as we work with the spirit animals. By connecting with different species we not only deepen our relationship with them but also strengthen our own relationship with ourselves.

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