Sunday, December 25, 2016


Believe in yourself
Believe that with a steady heart
And an open mind, your dreams will come true.
Have faith in the plan that God has for you.
Even if you stray from His path
You can always find your way back.
Your dreams are never lost when you
trust in God. 

I saw this saying on a Gloria Duchin angel ornament and wanted to share. Especially with the New Year around the corner, where we reflect and plan our goals and dreams, I feel these words to be quite appropriate. So now and always - Dare to dream, make sure to dream big, and then expand on the dream even more. Our dreams make our hearts sing and the world responds in kind. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Shasta Cat

Shasta cat is my very own animal angel. She mirrors me in a lot of ways and also knows when I need her, despite me not always wanting her attention when she requests or demands it.

At times my work-from-home day job can be pretty stressful. In my most untethered moments, I can turn and see her actively lying next to my chair, her paws tucked away ever so neatly, her head facing forward, eyes half open or half closed, who knows? I always have the distinct feeling she is conversing with or calling upon the angels, Ascended Masters, and anyone else she knows "up there" to help create a portal of love, calm, and support around my desk area until I'm able to breathe deeply again.

Most other days she leaves me to myself as she thoroughly enjoys her cat routine of sleeping ALL day long. Once in a while though, especially in the evenings, she chooses to sit next to me as I type on the computer. Sometimes I'll catch her staring at my face as I type, and it's in these moments, I stop what I'm doing and look deeply into her eyes. I want to know what she sees, what she's thinking as she's watching. I'll have to ask her someday. :)

She's photogenic too!

This post is to acknowledge - at the very tip of the iceberg - how cool and connected my Shasta cat is. I am confident there will be more posts about her. She's awesome and I'm not even sure she knows it. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Penny is a creative person and true at heart. I was having reservations with taking the time to meet her for coffee as I already had a full day planned. Yet as we sat conversing and long after we parted ways, I reflected upon how happy I felt for the time together. Sometimes we do not take the time to appreciate the friendships we have in life and today I was grateful for the openness of our relationship.

There are many situations in life where we keep ourselves reserved or don't always show our true selves - not knowing if someone will be able to "handle" our quirkiness, or judge us for whatever reasons. It's such a joy and a relief when you know you are in the presence of someone who accepts you for who you are - and who can help you work through something or be silly with you.

Thanks, Penny, for being a human angel today.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Close your eyes and feel us near
Sense our presence beside your ear.
Know our embrace as we hold you dear.
Release the anger, the hurt, and the fear.
At your command we are here.
Your angels, your totems, your guides, your friends.
We are with you to the celebratory end.  

Find it within yourself to speak
What's in your heart, your very own truth
For others are watching who also seek.

One moment in compassionate power
Gives strength and hope even if for an hour
To make it through an arduous day
And speak the words they need to say.

Together we learn, together we stand,
Walking, angel and human, hand-in-hand.