Monday, April 10, 2017

Animal Totems

Many people believe in angels or passed loved ones watching over them and providing guidance in their life path. Some people also believe in animal totems, who offer similar direction along the way. Animal totems can be energetic resources similar to our angels yet in the form of an animal, or they can be actual physical beings in the 3D.

While it's possible for an animal totem to be a pet, our animal totems could also be a large fish, a sea or land mammal, an insect, a bird, etc. There is no limit to what the animal kingdom can provide in terms of knowledge and connection, and there is no such thing as a good or bad animal totem. Meditations and classes are available that assist individuals in determining their primary animal totem(s). Connections with animals who may not be our totems is possible too.

Having animal totems is helpful to assist us in our quest for self improvement, leads to greater understanding and compassion for self and others, and cultivates a deeper connection with Mother Earth. 

More on animal totems to come...

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