Monday, May 8, 2017

Shifting Frequency

Previously I have written about other people, pets, etc. that prove to be angelic helpers throughout our days. It is also necessary to acknowledge the many times we are the angelic helpers, not just for others but also for ourselves. We all know we can't be anything to anyone if we don't take care of us first.

After some time and exploration we start to learn what techniques or activities might work to bring our own selves into a better space. Here are some common activities or in-activites that I have employed in the past:
  • listening to music
  • exercise
  • creating art
  • journaling
  • talking with a friend
  • volunteering
  • taking a nap / sleeping
  • watching a movie
  • feeling the emotion(s)
  • meditating
  • cooking, etc.

Depending upon the day or particular funk that arrives, it may take a long while to muster up the motivation to actively work on shifting a state of being.  Quite honestly, the first thing or two or five that I try doesn't always work. When it does, I am certainly grateful and happy for taking the effort to try.  

If you haven't already used some of the above, you may wish to try them. I'd also be interested to know what other methods that have worked for you. Sometimes it can be a tough for us and sharing our coping mechanisms can help us learn and grow together. 

Thank you all for being you!