Tuesday, January 10, 2017


My work takes me on the road sometimes and as time passes, I find that I appreciate the comfort of home and most importantly the family (pets included) who resides there. I so enjoy their company, love, and support - at home and away. 

There are also wonderful people I meet on my journeys - candid meetings with a fellow traveler, or a heartful exchange with someone doing their job. I love when interactions cause the other person smile. It's sweet to see their guard fall a bit when they or their work are complimented.

Whether at home with family or when travelling with strangers, the ability to connect is always there. In connecting with others, we connect more fully with ourselves. We are all worthy of connection, heart warming smiles, and appreciation. And that connection helps us maintain the humanity of our interactions, being the best person we can be in each moment. 

How can you connect with someone today?

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