Monday, December 3, 2018

Beauty Within

I love the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. Aside from its surface love story and endearing characters, there is a wonderful deeper meaning to it all.

Many of us struggle to keep our more unwanted features and aspects of ourselves hidden from others, and many times even from ourselves. It's normal to initially look upon these characteristics and qualities with disdain, frustration, and anger. Yet behind all those discordant emotions, there lies a depth of beauty - an opportunity to learn and to grow right there within ourselves. 

In the animation movie, Bell saw beyond the physical appearance of what she initially perceived as a ghastly being. She learned that the Beast was more than what he portrayed on the outside - that he had great beauty within  as well.

As we experience life, we sometimes find our patience wearing thin when dealing with ourselves, coworkers, family members, and neighbors. It is in those times that it's helpful to try and step back and see beyond what's shown to us on the surface. Feel what is going on beneath the actions and words. 

Beauty and the Beast can be likened to our own human struggle for self-acceptance, with all our perceived flaws. As we learn to love our flaws, they seem to dissipate into something more beautiful than we had originally imagined.

What perceived Beasts will you look beyond to find the true jewel and Beauty within?

Friday, October 5, 2018

Higher Ground

What better way to overcome the seeming trappings of this world than by seeking higher ground?
Higher ground provides a perspective to see with a wider lens, catching nuances or aspects we hadn't seen before. Higher ground gives space and potential objectivity, bathing us in a chance to breathe and calculate a meaningful response rather than reacting. Higher ground allows a path to be kind and let people have the benefit of the doubt. When we take this opportunity we may refrain from speaking unkind words and perhaps, instead, uplift someone or a situation.
The next time we feel caught by an overwhelming emotion or believe we are trapped by the perceived confines of life, seek and find that higher ground - whatever that looks like for each of us. Once there, open up to witness the expansiveness and wholeness of who we are, and in that space define next steps or approach for ourselves. 
The world requires and is in need of our participation. It is comforting, inspiring, and empowering to periodically, yet consistently, view our participation from the higher ground as the results are usually light infused.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Our Love and Light

I recently facilitated an angel meditation. Usually I feel blissful after basking in the angelic energy with wonderful like-minded, heart-centered people, and this most recent meditation did not disappoint. There was a mix of people yet it felt as though a sisterhood were reuniting with each other. We were all together with no judgment, open hearts, open minds, enjoying the love and energy from each other.

This is a wonderful example of how humanity can live if we release the barriers to our true loving selves. And I don’t mean to sound cliché but truly anything can be accomplished, overcome, or experienced when we realize this and allow ourselves to be who we are: unconditional love.

To all out there who bring your authentic selves, who help create safe, compassionate, healing, and loving spaces: keep shining your Light - so much so that Light will be all humanity knows.


Saturday, August 4, 2018


The definition of this word seems to deepen as the years pass.

When we are young, truth is focused on not telling lies, being honest and telling the truth. 
In teenage years, truth develops into expressing ourselves in ways that have significance to us.
As we move into the 20s and 30s we consider what livelihood(s) matches our values and priorities, expressing truth in a new way.
Throughout all this we also consider not telling the truth because someone may take it to heart, they may disagree, be disappointed, or feelings may be hurt.
As we grow, we continue to realize the core values and truths that drive us. Living our truth becomes paramount in a deep, self- aware perspective.
We seek members of our "tribe" - people who also feel the call, the need, the desire to live their truth - which may not always be aligned with ours, yet we respect one's ability to live their truth as well. For it is in our brilliance and uniqueness of the values and inspirations that drive us to live truthfully that allow us to flourish as a human race.

Where are you living your truth?  What spaces can you create to express your truth, compassionately - to fulfill a passion within and inspire others who dare to listen, who dare to watch, who dare to be inspired to live theirs as well?

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Earth Angel Bailey

I met Bailey last year at a riding barn. She is a beautiful buckskin mare who requires a bit more TLC and understanding than other horses at the barn. She enjoys her space and does what she can to set boundaries when she feels she needs to. Despite that others consider her to have a nuisance attitude, I have developed a unique connection with this horse. I trust her on a level I didn't know existed. I feel safe with her and I believe she does with me. She has truly marked a spot in my heart just for her.

Recently I experienced an extraordinarily trying day emotionally which caught me incredibly off guard and I wasn't handling any of the experiences with grace. The next day, though, carrying significant residuals from the day before, I went to the barn.

There are many days when I am at the barn and I don't see Bailey. There are also many time I pass her stall and she may or may not acknowledge me outwardly. But this day was different. I walked another horse to the field and as I turned around, there was Bailey - her head outside her stall, I felt as though she had something to say.  So I walked over, happy for a moment with her. We said our hellos and I simply stood with her - her head close to my shoulder as I pet her neck and withers. She sighed a big sigh, as if to let me know everything was going to be ok. She stayed with me - not once distracted by other people, or noises. She was with me in the moment. And I was with her. Although the time passed was probably less than five minutes, I firmly believe she helped remove a heaviness within me. I know the space we shared was meaningful and I am grateful for the exchange.

Thank you, Bailey, for being my angel that day.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Energy Trails

We all leave behind an energy trail of whatever we are resonating at the moment. I tend to visualize it similar to the electric energy behind DC's character, The Flash, as he runs, but softer, and most of the time, slower. :)

When I'm in nature or out shopping, I often wonder what my energy trail looks like. Some days I focus on my energetic trail and fill myself up with a specific resonance - love, peace, joy, fun, or whatever comes to mind. Then, I imagine the energy swirling behind me as beautiful colors, leaving fairy dust-like sprinkles of this good energy, until all the goodness fills the space. 

What energy will you leave behind - driving your car, walking through the grocery store, or sitting in a class or meeting room? Have fun with creating an assortment of positive energy and a rainbow of color, painting the world with your energy and imagination.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Making the Time

In a world where time seems to be a luxury many do not have, making the time for things we want to do is a valuable practice for our personal well being and for our contribution to our families, jobs, etc. When was the last time you made time for your hobby, your family member, your lifelong or new friend, or something else like adventure, vacation or rest?

For me, I regularly juggle the many interests and needs I have, however, one of the most near and dear to my heart is making time to write. Sometimes when I make time to write, the inspiration is simply not there. I may be either unmotivated and drained from life's daily tasks, concerns, duties, etc., or I feel as though I am writing something for the sake of writing.  When I have specific topics that cross my mind to write about, I usually need to strike while the iron is hot. Waiting, though, is also sometimes appropriate so I can articulate my message just so. Other times I lose the words by waiting. So it truly is a balancing act.

Balancing our time so we meet our obligations and still nurture ourselves with inspiration, fun, and rest is pertinent to our ability to be/feel content. A lot of people will say "You make time for the things you want to do." To an extent this can be true for many people. However, for people who work multiple jobs or in certain life situations, this saying can be insulting. Regardless, it is up to us to create space for the precious moments that make our heart's soar, even if for 15 minutes. This time we invest in ourselves goes a long way to our own strength and potential impact we can have on our every day worlds.

What will you do today to make time for the moments you desire? What can you do to consistently create that space, in whatever frequency works best for your life?