Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Recently I've been seeing courses advertised online as "Mastery" level courses. I find it interesting how popular this catch phrase has become. To me, it seems like a valiant attempt to draw on people's egos - after all, who wouldn't want to be considered a master at something?

There are many wonderful teachers out there to help guide us along our way or provide information that we may ponder upon for years, as we grow into the teaching. These folks are mentors who work to help us find that spark inside, that inner voice, our own truth for travelling our own path.

To gain or obtain mastery in one short course or a day or two long event is, in a way, humorous. While I believe much can be accomplished and learned at such events, and an abundance of inspiration and "aha" moments brought to the surface, I do believe that mastery comes from within. Mastery cannot be learned by another. We may witness mastery in another, and regardless which "masters" we have worked with, we cannot become a master without:
  • going through our own experiences
  • taking responsibility for our own inner work
  • reflecting upon situations
  • planning personal improvement
  • and more... 

We already possess the tools to uncover or enhance and grow our own Mastery. Yes, there are resonant teachers out there with wonderful messages who inspire heartful passion for life, for change, for all things good, which is fabulous. It then becomes our responsibility to take that input and try it on; see how it feels to us; experiment with it and if it speaks to us, accept it or tweak it to make it our own.

In doing so, we continue to grow our mastery, every step of the way, looking inside for the answers we seek, as a true Master does.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Intuitive Eating

In the past decade there have been a number of eating lifestyles that have gained popularity  - each with its own benefits and challenges.

With the internet and society's food focus, everyone can educate themselves on the foods they bring into their homes and bodies. Certain ingredients may require more research than others, however, based on the extent of our research, we can gain knowledge that helps us make the right choices for ourselves.

I, myself, have tried a variety of eating lifestyles including a raw diet, gluten-free diet, and vegetarianism. As a result, I have found that my body needs a balance of most foods and eliminating one or more food types does not serve me well. I have however, decreased a number of old standbys and increased my whole food eating. By listening to my body and experimenting with different options, I know now what works best for my body, mind and spirit to function really well.

For instance, on a good day, clear of high stress and emotional eating 😄, I will intuitively eat, being open to the varied options available. Many of us already do this when we're cooking without a recipe or shopping without a list. I liken it to going crystal shopping and purchasing crystals we feel drawn to or that draw us to them, but with food.

That may mean being drawn to a more selective diet for sure. There is no one size fits all eating regiment. We must each be responsible for our own well-being and respect other's food choices as well. Regardless what your eating lifestyle is, I encourage you to try intuitively eating if you haven't already - see what fascinating, tasty creations you're capable of making! 

Monday, November 13, 2017


Having an "attitude of gratitude" is an overused phrase these days for sure. Why it is so overused, though, is because it's right on target as being a wonderful way to live. By being grateful for what we currently have or see, etc, we open our energy up to receive more of that which we are grateful for.

Have you ever been angry about something or fed up with a specific situation and tried to divert your attention to what you're grateful for? If you haven't tried this, do so. It puts things into perspective a bit, and helps shift the issue you're dealing with so solutions can be more easily revealed.

Gratitude truly opens up the heart, so if you're a bit closed hearted, it helps open the doorway for understanding and growth. If your heart is already open, gratitude widens that openness with even more gratitude and all the fabulous emotions that come with it.

This week, taking an attitude of gratitude is going to be my focus. I usually find time at the end of my day to review things to be grateful for that day. This week I plan to schedule reminders to add conscious gratitude at various points throughout the day and see what effect it may have on me, those around me, and my overall interactions.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"I Am" Fun

The words we place after "I am" are quite significant and have an impact on our cellular structure.  Think about it - people who regularly say "I am tired, I am depressed, I am disgusted," usually radiate that out from their bodies. People who say "I am ambitious, I am joyful, I am successful, I am content," etc., they too usually resonate that out to the world. 

With that in mind, I thought creating an "I am" prayer might be interesting. In doing so, I found that it lead to other branches but the basis of "I am" was present. I've created more "I am" prayers and not surprisingly, they all seem to help with whatever assistance or guidance I may need that day.

"I am" prayers do not need to be written down. They can be said when walking or driving, or whenever you think of it. They can be a simple "I am calm. I am love, I am open to blessings from above" or whatever comes to mind for you in that moment.  Here's an example:

I love myself. I love myself. I love myself.
I am worthy of love.
I am worthy of success.
I am deserving of freedom as is everyone.
I understand the laws of attraction to bring into my reality that which I desire and that which aligns with the Divine Plan.
I am powerful.
I am abundant.
I am me, and I am magnificent.

We also may not feel the thing we are saying after the "I am".  We may say "I am sleepy" to help us fall asleep, or "I am calm" to helps us settle emotions. And we may need to say it a lot of times until we feel it. The more you say it, the more you resonate with it.

Play around with it and see how "I am" prayers can affect your moments. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Unprevailing Fear

Growing up in many of our families and societal systems there were and continue to be fear-driven models in the effort to coerce a standard.

As toddlers we are afraid to disappoint our parents or siblings so we can maintain their love and acceptance. In school we are taught to fear punishment for disobeying rules; we are groomed into self-consciousness for fear of not belonging. As we grow older, we fear losing our jobs, relationships, or social status.  

We can also inherit fears from our parents or someone close to us. The fears may not have originated with us but since someone we knew exhibited this fear, and we were exposed to it for a length of time, we had the chance to acquire that fear too.

Fear is instilled in each of us to some degree. It has become a factor in how we live our lives or unconsciously choose not to live them. Sometimes we aren't even aware of the impact these fears have on us.  

But we don't need to live in fear. We can acknowledge these aspects of ourselves and work to release them in whatever way is best for us. By checking in periodically with ourselves, we can notice when we're living the moment out of fear versus living the moment from our hearts. If you're well versed in the fear aspect, each baby step is fabulous.

Celebrate the moments where we understand the fear. For once we know and are aware we can allow time and design a plan to help mitigate and release the fears one by one.   

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ancient Wisdom

The Chinese kanji for crisis includes the two characters: danger and opportunity.

I find this to be a wise teaching in and of itself.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Emotional Flow

Lots of experiences leave us hurt, angry, unsupported, lost, sad, etc. All are emotions we're not super-excited to face in our day-to-day.  One thing I see lots of people unwilling to do is cry because they think it makes them seem weak in another person's eyes, or even their own.

There are times when the tears need to flow - these could be tears of sadness, hurt, frustration, grief, or even relief or joy - it doesn't matter.  We need to let them flow. Having a good cry can move us to a different space and in doing so actually can save us time and prolonged heartache. We need to stop judging how we feel and allow ourselves to express the sadness, hurt, etc. Why do we resist this so much?

Tears are a sign of strength that we can handle expressing the emotion rather than pushing it down only for it to erupt later on for no good cause. We all know pushing down emotions over extended periods of time is counterproductive.

If this resonates with you, please take the time to feel the seeming unpleasant emotions. While it may be uncomfortable initially, experiencing and expressing the emotion helps us move through the emotion into a better space where we can either find clarity and perspective to deal and heal, or let it go altogether.