Monday, January 22, 2018

Intuitive Eating

In the past decade there have been a number of eating lifestyles that have gained popularity  - each with its own benefits and challenges.

With the internet and society's food focus, everyone can educate themselves on the foods they bring into their homes and bodies. Certain ingredients may require more research than others, however, based on the extent of our research, we can gain knowledge that helps us make the right choices for ourselves.

I, myself, have tried a variety of eating lifestyles including a raw diet, gluten-free diet, and vegetarianism. As a result, I have found that my body needs a balance of most foods and eliminating one or more food types does not serve me well. I have however, decreased a number of old standbys and increased my whole food eating. By listening to my body and experimenting with different options, I know now what works best for my body, mind and spirit to function really well.

For instance, on a good day, clear of high stress and emotional eating 😄, I will intuitively eat, being open to the varied options available. Many of us already do this when we're cooking without a recipe or shopping without a list. I liken it to going crystal shopping and purchasing crystals we feel drawn to or that draw us to them, but with food.

That may mean being drawn to a more selective diet for sure. There is no one size fits all eating regiment. We must each be responsible for our own well-being and respect other's food choices as well. Regardless what your eating lifestyle is, I encourage you to try intuitively eating if you haven't already - see what fascinating, tasty creations you're capable of making! 

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