Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Recently I've been seeing courses advertised online as "Mastery" level courses. I find it interesting how popular this catch phrase has become. To me, it seems like a valiant attempt to draw on people's egos - after all, who wouldn't want to be considered a master at something?

There are many wonderful teachers out there to help guide us along our way or provide information that we may ponder upon for years, as we grow into the teaching. These folks are mentors who work to help us find that spark inside, that inner voice, our own truth for travelling our own path.

To gain or obtain mastery in one short course or a day or two long event is, in a way, humorous. While I believe much can be accomplished and learned at such events, and an abundance of inspiration and "aha" moments brought to the surface, I do believe that mastery comes from within. Mastery cannot be learned by another. We may witness mastery in another, and regardless which "masters" we have worked with, we cannot become a master without:
  • going through our own experiences
  • taking responsibility for our own inner work
  • reflecting upon situations
  • planning personal improvement
  • and more... 

We already possess the tools to uncover or enhance and grow our own Mastery. Yes, there are resonant teachers out there with wonderful messages who inspire heartful passion for life, for change, for all things good, which is fabulous. It then becomes our responsibility to take that input and try it on; see how it feels to us; experiment with it and if it speaks to us, accept it or tweak it to make it our own.

In doing so, we continue to grow our mastery, every step of the way, looking inside for the answers we seek, as a true Master does.

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